Never forget that love is the best thing we do. Love big, love messy, love loud. Slow down and cuddle your littles, even when they're big. Abandon the lie of perfectionism. Learn from your kids and color outside the lines, and then stand in awe of the masterpiece you create. Smile knowing right now will taste even better as a memory. Declare goodness; the words you speak dictate the life in front of you. Remember that bad days come and go. When all else fails dance it out.  

Tend to your own wounds as gently as you do the skinned knees, jammed fingers, and the hurt feelings. Be the friend you need even when you're busy. Hug people too long. Catch the tears of other moms too. Speak up for those you don't have a voice and your kids will do the same. Sit in the warmth that your baby will change the world someday. Stand knowing you can too. 


Here at MOPS, we are on a mission to celebrate motherhood. We build circles of women who love each other like family, because being a mom is beautiful and hard, and finding hope in the midst of colic and no sleep is life-giving. MOPS  is a way to connect with women who have your back, dry your tears and call you into new adventures. It is a movement of women who are practicing becoming more brave, kind and honest. Together, because together is always better.



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