MOPS at Night

What is MOPS?   MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, a program led by mothers and designed by mothers with children ages 0-5. It’s a place for friendship, authentic community, and support. For more information about MOPS, please see our "About MOPS" page or check out   

Who can participate? The ONLY prerequisite to participation in MOPS @ Night is that you are a mother (adoptive and foster moms included) with a child ages 0 to 5.  MOPS welcomes all moms regardless of socioeconomic status, race, marital status or religious affiliation.  MOPS @ Night is open to single moms, working moms, stay-at-home moms, work-at-home moms and everyone in between! 


What to expect? MOPS @ Night will consist of time for casual conversation, practical teaching through videos with content relevant to this season of life, small group discussion and dinner (kid free!)


MOPS is a community. 

Our guided meetings offer moms the chance to be

encouraged and equipped in their roles as

women, mothers and leaders.  

When will this group meet?  This group will meet approx. every two weeks on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:30pm (or 9pm for those who can stay a little longer). We meet from October to May. 


Meeting dates for 2018/2019 ("Find Your Fire") are below:

October 24

November 14

November 28

December 12

January 9

January 23

February 6

February 20

March 13

April 3

April 24

May 1

May I try out a meeting before committing?  Absolutely!! You are more than welcome to join us for a meeting before signing up.  We would love to have you!  While it is not required, if you are planning on coming to a meeting we would greatly appreciate a quick RSVP to MOPS @ Night  Co-Coordinators, Gina Astorino or Jen Fleming, so we know to be on the lookout for you.  (Contact details below.)


We are saving you a seat, so please come by! 


For information regarding childcare for your sweet kiddos, please see below.  Childcare MUST be arranged in advance with the church. 

Where will this group meet? We will meet in the same location as the day group.  All meetings will be held at the Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church (384 Fox Chapel Rd., 15238). We also have playdates, Moms' Nights Out, family picnics and other events scheduled throughout the year. Please check out our Calendar for a complete list of upcoming events. 

*** UPDATE:  Please contact us prior to coming if this will be your first time joining us to make sure we will be meeting in our regular location.  The church is currently undergoing renovations so we may be moved at the last minute and we want to make sure you find us without any trouble.  

Will childcare be provided?  MOPS @ Night will coincide with a program called "Wednesday Nite Live", also at the Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church, where kids ages 3 (by Sept. 1, 2018) to Grade 5 are invited to participate in a fun night of Christian-based programming with friends in a loving and secure atmosphere with adult supervision.  For information about Wednesday Nite Live, please visit or call the FCPC Christian Nurture Office at 412-963-8243, Ext. 24 (ask for Renee Wallace).

What about childcare for kids younger than 3 (by Sept. 1, 2018)? Childcare for kids younger than age 3 (by Sept 1, 2018) but older than 12 months may also be available with advance reservations.  To make arrangements for childcare to participate in MOPS @ Night, please call the FCPC Christian Nurture Office at 412-963-8243, Ext. 24 (ask for Renee Wallace).  MOPS @ Night does not provide childcare. It must be arranged in advance with the church office.


****Children younger than 12 months of age are welcome to attend MOPS @ Night with their mothers, if needed.  We have bouncy seats, exersaucers and a single pack n play available for their use.

Is there a cost to participate? The cost for participating in MOPS @ Night for the 2018/2019 year is $50.00 and includes the cost of membership with the MOPS International organization (currently $31.95/yr) and childcare with the church, if needed.  Membership with MOPS International gets you access to any MOPS group (there are over 4,000 MOPS groups worldwide!), a kit with a guidebook and goodies for the year, and encouragement in the form of a quarterly newsletter, weekly emails and exclusive downloads. 


****For more information about the MOPS International community, please visit


How do I sign up?  If you are interested in registering for MOPS @ Night, please email of our Co-Coordinators and include the following information with your email:

1) Your First and Last Name,

2) Your Phone Number

3) Your Preferred Method of Contact, and

3) Your Child(ren)'s Names AND Birthdates AND whether or not you will be needing childcare for your children so we can give the church a heads up. 

MOPS @ Night Co-Coordinators

Gina Astorino  -

Jen Fleming -


Once we receive your information one of us will be in touch with you to answer any questions you may have, welcome to our group and help get you signed up.  If you prefer to speak to someone directly, or are so excited you just can't wait for email, please feel free to call Audra Dezfulian (MOPS @ Night founder, former Coordinator, and current member) at 305-457-8688.  Audra LOVE MOPS and nothing would make her happier than to get a phone call from a mom looking for a "tribe".  Audra is a stay-at-home mom can help answer any questions you may have about MOPS, MOPS @ Night or the Fox Chapel MOPS group, in general.